The Two Rules of Tea

The Two Rules of Tea

Brewing Tips 

Tea, like all things grand, old ,and temperamental has ways, do’s and don'ts. 

How hot can you handle your tea? Strong but not bitter? Mild but not sour.

Lets go through just two points to avoid any unsavoriness.

  • Steeping time  

The most important aspect of drawing out the flavour of your tea is in the brewing time. If this is not done correctly, the tea will be spoilt and you'll see that face you see so many times after a friend that talks too much, takes a sip of their cold and flat drink.

Black tea 3-5 minutes.

Herbal tea 4-5 minutes.                       

Always remove the teabag after steeping to avoid bitterness.

  • Temperature

Black tea 85 - 100°

Herbal tea 85 - 100°

Green tea 70 - 85°

Delicate and fragrant teas 70 - 85°

If you keep in mind these two technical points, you're all set to try any other method of tea making.


 Good Luck and Happy Tea Time!

 Tranquil Dawn

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